Business Development

We are far more than just a marketing company. We can help you with your business proposals, bids and presentations, plus make award applications on your behalf.

Marketing is just a means to an end. Business development, through sales and obtaining a greater share in existing markets (or reaching into new ones) is what it’s all about. In this respect, we can help develop your business by:

  • Enhancing your reputation (through press communications*, for example)
  • Re-branding parts or all of your business
  • Portraying you as a ‘voice of authority’ on key subject matters
  • Evaluating and understanding your competitors
  • Helping you with your product/service road maps
  • Ensuring your on-line content is up to scratch

Working under strict confidentiality terms, we become an extension to your current sales and marketing team. Once on-board, and privy to your short- to long-term corporate goals, we’ll use ours skills, experiences and proven routes to market (such as trade press communications) to help your business grow.

Moreover, we will tell it how it is. We’re not afraid of challenging any company on why they might want to develop a product or service for a certain market.

Have you really seen a gap in the market? Or is the gap really a void?

Accordingly, we’re all for helping any company in their pursuit for new business, but we’re also all about minimising risk wherever and whenever possible.

* Under our press communications service only