We will ensure your products and services are promoted using the most appropriate techniques and that your customers have access to all the information they need in order to make informed decisions and have a means of contacting you.

In this day and age of easy access to companies’ websites and other on-line repositories of information – all accessible through a variety of platforms including PCs, tablets and phones – content is everything.

For example, thanks to the plethora of trade and social media outlets, combined with modern Search Engines Optimisation (SOE) techniques, it is relatively easy to draw customers to your website. Retaining the interest of those visitors – and converting that interest into sales enquiries/leads – is something else. It only takes the absence of – or failure to detail properly – one of your capabilities, products or services, and your potential customers will most likely leave your site and search elsewhere.

However, websites are not the only place where the content needs to be right. Every piece of marketing collateral needs to be able to work in isolation and have sufficient content to deliver key messages and encourage the reader to take further action. For example, a well-crafted newsletter should encourage the reader to contact you; either directly or via your website. Conversely, a press release* should be written in such a way to satisfy the editor that his/her readers will benefit from hearing about your news.

We can help you with content for your:

  • Website
  • Marketing literature
  • Social media presence
  • Newsletters
  • Award applications

We will ensure there is a consistent tone of voice throughout all of your marketing collateral, a tone that reflects your professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction, and that each can work in isolation.

* For further information, see our press communications service.