Declaration Database

Designed and maintained in-house, the Declaration Database is used to ensure your press releases go to the most relevant media contacts. It is also used to plan where and when to place contributed articles and case studies.

Our database contains the contact details of hundreds of editors, journalists and technology correspondents, as well as the forward features lists of most leading trade magazines. Moreover, we invest a considerable amount of time and effort in maintaining the data; and each record is time-stamped, so we know, for example, how current the contact details are for each editor, journalist and reporter. Commercially available media directories don’t do this.

Also, towards the end of each calendar year, we obtain the forward features lists of hundreds of publications and enter their intended subjects on a record-by-record basis, plus cross-reference to any trade shows with tie-ins.

So what use can be made of this data? In the first instance, we would identify all trade press publications (print, digital and online) that are of relevance to your company’s markets and capabilities. Next, we would cross-reference individual journalists (many of whom cover specific subject matters) against one or more of your markets. We therefore send your news announcements to the most relevant journalists, on an individual basis. Few if any other agencies take the time to do this.

The depth, quality and relevance of the data enables us to query it in several ways. Requests we’re able to make of the database include:

  • “Show me all journalists responsible for reporting on Aerospace that work for monthly publications with circulation figures greater than 20,000.”
  • “Show me all publications (and their corresponding editorial contacts) planning to run an Electronica show preview.”
  • “Show me all forward features (i.e. article placement opportunities) that include the words ‘Automotive’ and ‘Electronics’.”

The Declaration Database is an extremely powerful tool. Moreover, when you subscribe to our Press Communications service, we will gladly query the database and supply you with information that may be of use to your other marketing activities, such as advertising, and help you get the most out of your investment in attending trade shows .