Here are some examples of the activities we have undertaken during recent years. The examples include press releases, case studies, articles and brochures.

Against each example we provide a brief description of how the project came about and Declaration’s responsibilities. To download any of the examples as a PDF, please click on the corresponding image.

Example16Article - "Long Haul Routes" (3.7MB)

This article was written for Zuken in late 2017. Working with one of Zuken’s product managers we wanted to convey the importance of engineering data management during the design and manufacture of wiring harnesses for something as large and complex as a commercial aircraft. The article appeared in the January 2018 issue of Aerospace Magazine and is reproduced here with the editor’s kind permission.
Example15Case Study - Compliance (141kB) )

This case study was written in the summer of 2016 for Ipeco Electronics to emphasise the importance of compliance within the defence sector. Also, to give the piece an independent feel it was by-lined to Richard Warrilow. This enabled us to take an outside-looking-in view and to quote both Ipeco Electronics and its customer, Curtiss-Wright Defence Solutions. The article appears here with the kind permission of Electronic Specifier Power.
Example14Brochure - FirstEDA (3.69MB)

FirstEDA is a value-added reseller of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) solutions for the hardware design and verification of complex electronics. This brochure was needed in readiness for the 2017 Design Automation Conference; one of the EDA industry’s biggest and highest profile trade shows. Declaration was responsible for developing the flat plan, establishing a tone of voice and for writing the copy. In addition, for the ‘Our Suppliers’ pages, we developed a questionnaire to capture the key messages regarding why the suppliers work with and rely on FirstEDA; resulting in consistent, high-impact copy. We’re sure you’ll agree - this is a stunning piece of marketing collateral.
Example13Elektra Award 2016 – Speedboard named ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ (78kB)

The Elektra Award celebrates the achievements of companies and individuals across Europe and recognises best-practice within the fast-paced electronics industry. In May 2016, we made an application on behalf of our client Speedboard Assembly Services. We then nominated them as a worthy recipient of an award in the ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ category. We were pleased when, in the autumn, Speedboard was shortlisted (as one of five) in that category and positively delighted when our client won; on 1st December 2016, at a ceremony in London.
Example12 Press Release: Raytheon UK’s Strider™ deliver high accuracy, 3D positional awareness (82kB)

This press release was written and issued in late November to support Raytheon’s 2016 Technology & Innovation conference in London. It was important to stress, within the announcements, the significant technological breakthroughs and to indicate who stands to benefit from Raytheon’s work. The press release attained good coverage plus we have received enquiries (for full ‘contributed’ articles) from the editors of some leading trade publications.
Example11 Marshall wins 2016 Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade (496KB)

We made the application on behalf of our client Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group in the summer of 2015. When the winners were announced in April 2016, Oliver Drury, Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group’s Director of External Communications said: “Our application would not have been as strong, and may not have even happened, had Declaration not risen to the challenge of compiling well-worded and genuine justifications for Marshall to be honoured with one of the UK’s most prestigious business awards.”
Example10Press Release: Another step towards the More Electric Aircraft (88kB)

This press release was written and issued on behalf of Raytheon UK to support its Technology Conference in December 2015; at which Declaration’s Richard Warrilow chaired a panel session. The announcement promotes Raytheon UK’s considerable role in realising more fuel-efficient commercial aircraft.
Example7Press Release: Hima-Sella protects subsea gas field development (80KB)

This press release was written and issued on behalf of Hima-Sella in early 2016. It announces the award of a contract to Hima-Sella to develop a system to protect against over-pressure on a subsea gas field in Indonesia.
Example9Corporate Brochure: Ipeco Elecrtonics (5MB)

For this project, Declaration devised the flat plan (including the way in which many of the double-page spreads can also be reproduced as posters at trade shows) and produced all copy. We liaised with a local graphic design company for photography, the creation of artwork, page layout and printing.
Example4Press Release: Speedboard Assembly Services invests in Vapour Phase (142KB)

This press release was written and distributed on behalf of Contract Electronics Manufacturer (CEM) Speedboard Assembly Services and relates to the company’s investment in a Vapour Phase oven. It was an important announcement to make as the Vapour Phase soldering technique affords much better control and stability over the entire solder reflow process compared to traditional convection ovens (regardless of board characteristics).
Example5Article: Restoration of the Vulcan Bomber (235KB)

Highlighting Marshall Aerospace’s significant role in the restoration of Avro Vulcan XH558, this article was written by Richard Warrilow for Aerospace Professional, a publication of the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS). To this date, few if any articles have told the story of the restoration of XH558 in quite the same light. The article is made available here with the kind permission of RAeS.
Example3Press Release: Marshall wins Manufacturing Excellence Award (54KB)

In 2014, we helped Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group apply for the Institute of Mechanical Engineers’ much-coveted Manufacturing Excellence Award (the Logistics and Operational Efficiency category). The application related to Marshall’s role in ‘Operation Weatherman’, an extreme weather damage recovery project. Marshall won the award, off the back of which we wrote and issued a press release.
Example1Brochure: Aeropeople (5.2MB)

This project was undertaken for Aeropeople Ltd. Declaration was responsible for establishing the overall marketing messages. We then developed a structure/format supportive of a cover-to-cover read as well as browsing, conducted a series of interviews with key personnel and then produced all copy.
Example2Article: Research into coating technologies (1.1MB)

This is just one of many articles ghost-written for the Materials & Engineering Research Institute (MERI). Our overall brief was to illustrate how MERI’s research into ‘bio-active’ coatings could lead to the development of paints with the ability ward off corrosion in marine applications. The article appeared in Port Strategy magazine, and is reproduced here with the publisher’s kind permission.

The above are just a few examples of our work as, since we established in 2001, we have written hundreds of articles, press releases and cases studies. We have also designed and developed dozens of brochures and leaflets, and helped with the construction and content of several websites.

However, if none of the examples listed are close to what you’re looking for please do contact us.