Our hands-on engineering experiences, combined with our technical writing and marketing skills, enable us to help companies developing high tech products/services reach their similarly high tech customers.

B2B marketing in all engineering sectors is about the translation of features into benefits, and Declaration is an extremely good translator.

On one hand, we have the ability to communicate with our clients’ engineers and (while keeping their precious time to a minimum) gain a clear understanding of the features of the products and/or engineered solutions they’re developing. On the other hand, we have the ability to craft the top-level marketing messages – the ones that sell the real benefits to end-users – and we are experienced at generating all the necessary marketing material to deliver those messages.

For instance, to take a new product to market you need a variety of material, and in this respect we can:

  • Design and produce your product datasheets
  • Design and produce your product fliers and catalogues
  • Design and produce web pages or dedicated microsite
  • Script write for social media
  • Write and distribute press releases*
  • Write application notes and case studies

Each of the above will have a different weighting, in terms of how much emphasis is placed on promoting the respective features and benefits. Common to all though will be your branding and a clear tone of voice. Moreover, when Declaration takes ownership of all aspects, we will make optimum re-use of as much material as possible, thus ensuring (technical) consistency and the timely production of everything your sales department, customers and the media* will need.

Moreover, Declaration has worked with clients in some extremely advanced fields of engineering. From nanotechnology to the world’s largest aircraft, from deep submicron to deep space, and from pure research to the full commercialisation of products, we have worked with some of the biggest names in industry, including Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group, GE Aviation and Raytheon.

We have also worked with leading research organisations including the Materials and Engineering Research Institute (MERI, which operates out of Sheffield Hallam University) and the Central Laboratories Research Council (CLRC).

In summary, we understand technology and we have a proven track record of taking our clients products and services to market.

* Under our press communications service only