Award Applications

In it to win it – but have you got the time and experience to make a compelling application? We can help you by making sure your application includes what the judges are looking for, and more.

There is little doubt that winning, and even being shortlisted for, an industry award carries great kudos and is something worth communicating internally and externally. It also has longevity as, for example, if one of your products wins a particular award category it can, from that moment on, be branded as award-winning.

However, few companies have the time (or confidence, if we’re honest) to make award applications, even when they know they have innovative products, efficient/lean manufacturing processes, and/or superb examples of exceeding customer expectations. Indeed, most industry awards have several categories worth applying for.

What do we do?

  • We can research awards of high relevance to your activities
  • We can appraise your products/services against award categories
  • We can help you apply for the award…
  • …and even make the nomination

Not only do we save you time we also add value by being independent. Specifically, we are able to adopt an outside-looking-in view; which is exactly what the award judges take when considering your application against the other contenders.

Does it work? Yes. During recent years, we have helped our client Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group apply for two prestigious industry awards. They won both.

Also, if you are also taking advantage of our other services, we can make sure your success is promoted to the full; in newsletters and press releases, for example.

In summary, we can save you time and increase your chances of winning by making sure your award applications contain precisely what the judges are looking for.